Depleting the UFO pile (or at least trying to)

I made my daughter Jessica (10) this library book bag in 2013 and somehow got roped into making 2 more for a couple of boys I babysit.  Nikhil wanted a leopard so I found this one.  It’s stitched on 32ct Linen and has so many colour changes which makes it crazy to work on but the level of detail is great.  I’m on the home stretch now with this and figure about 3 more days work stitching the bottom right hand corner, do the backstitch, sign it, quilt it into a bag and start Chaiton’s Lion which also has loads of colour changes (sigh)…

2014-10-15 19.03.47

Leopard cross stitch on 32ct Linen and sooooo many colour changes.

2014-10-15 19.05.52

Jessica’s library book bag, tigers.


One of the many…

One of the many WIPs (works in progress) that I have on the go.
This is called English Paper Piecing (EPP) and it’s all done by hand. The hexies are 1 inch and you use papers inside the hexies to help firm the fabric up while you sew them together. Then you remove the papers and reuse them.


English Paper Piecing King Size Quilt in progress.

English Paper Piecing King Size Quilt in progress.


You can learn more by going to Sue Daly’s website and watching the tutorials she has on paper piecing.  Sue also designs quilts and has all the templates and tools you need to get started.  Be warned though, this is addictive.

Yet Another New Project!! Fabric Strip Crochet

I need 20 lifetimes to make all the great things you see online these days.

2014-05-12 15.32.03

Fabric cut into strips, sewn and rolled into a ball.


We’ve had a bit of a mouse plague here (you’d think that with 8 cats I’d have no mice, however I have cats, I have mice).  So late one night I can hear them scratching around in one of the drawers that hold sheets and bedding and on pulling it all out the next day, found the mice had chewed into a couple of sheets and left lots of poop.  So in the washing machine it all went, then once dry, I just heaped the sheet on a basket in the lounge room and each time I passed it I thought about what I could do with it.  I didn’t want to waste it so finally decided to do some fabric crochet or upcycling it seems to be called these days.

I’ve got a rotary cutter and board so cut my sheet into one inch strips and used the sewing machine to sew the strips together.  This gave a much nicer finish when crocheting and joins are invisible.


2014-05-12 15.33.05

4 Table placemats and a centre piece.


After raiding our two local thrift shops I’ve amassed a large collection of sheets, doona covers in various combinations of cotton/polyester and even microfibre which is nice and silky to the touch.


Rag Rug using 2 single bed sheets and 2 pillow cases.

Rag Rug using 2 single bed sheets and 2 pillow cases.

I’m a novice crocheter, so these had to be simple.  I used only the single crochet stitch and a size 16mm hook and when it came time to cast off, I used a 6mm hook for the second to last stitch and slip stitched the last stitch which made the end disappear and left you with a neater finish.


Closeup of Rag Rug.

Closeup of Rag Rug.


Rag Rug using 2 single bed sheets and 2 pillow cases.

Rag Rug using 2 single bed sheets and 2 pillow cases


Bright Red Bowl.

Bright Red Bowl.

Another new project!

Don’t you just love starting a new project?  I know I do, I love selecting the fabrics or yarns and getting everything together ready to go.  Here’s Nora Corbett’s Letters for my daughter Jessica.

Letters from Nora

Letters from Nora

I hand dyed the fabric which was originally a yellowish coloured 26 ct evenweave with a darkish green and orange.  Love the way this type of dyeing comes out.  I just mix the dyes up in small plastic containers and use eye droppers to spot the paint over the fabric.  Then I dip the whole lot into another dye bath if I want to cover the entire fabric.

26ct Hand Dyed Evenweave

26ct Hand Dyed Evenweave

Welcome to the textile world of Seriously Warped

Hi all, I’m Kathy of Seriously Warped (Weaving Gallery & Studio), located on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia.

Loom Room Jan2001

I spend my days weaving, spinning, dyeing, knitting, crochet, felting, cross stitching and just lately have tried my hand at dyeing cross stitch fabrics which has gone surprisingly well.

Vickis Legwarmers

I love to teach others and feel it’s very important to share our knowledge.  I hope you’ll share yours as well, would love to hear what you all are making.  I shall post shortly on some of the 20 or so projects I have on the go at the moment.  Yes I’m a textile addict.